Tarot Readings in English

Yes, I’m bi-lingual.

How to get ready for a reading

Before you fill the form below, please find here some information for a successful reading.

Tarot Reading is not a fast food product. It is a sacred act which must be prepared calmly and seriously in order to make the most of it. We must also be able to accept the message, whatever it may be, even if it is pessimistic, and even if it does not respond to your wishes.

You should avoid consulting when your emotions are very intense. The most common example I can give is the moment of panic that follows a break up. We are then totally devastated, ready to do anything to ease the pain caused by our broken heart, and to reassure us about the future.

I prefer to suggest that we allow a few days to pass to digest as much as possible the pain and negativity that such an event can generate. We can then consult the Tarot more serenely and more productively.

It is also strongly recommended to avoid consulting several Tarot readers, several times for the same question: this leads nowhere and will inevitably lead you to obtain contradictory and confused answers. It is recommended to wait for a complete lunation (28 days) before asking the same question to the cards.

What happens next?

I give readings by email (usually within 48 to 72 hours) or by Skype for 30 minutes.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • With Skype, we are face to face and you can ask me your questions live, ask or add details, and get immediate answers. We have the pleasure of a real conversation.
  • When I answer your questions by email, there is no time limit. So I can go back to your spread several times, focus better and longer and add details as they “arrive”. Indeed, it is not uncommon to receive  clarifications after the 30 minutes allowed with Skype – and sometimes I think “Oops, I could also have said this” or “I should have added that for a better understanding”. An email reading will therefore often be more complete and deeper, simply because I take all my time. To allow you to react, I will answer your additional questions by email or Skype anyway, provided they are in relation to the spread and the question(s) asked originally.

After you fill the form below:

I will be in touch with you concerning your question and the payment details.

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